Sylvanian Families Village Store - brand new and boxed - over 100 pieces

The Harvey cat family are the owners of the Village Store. It is THE place to go in Sylvania for all your grocery needs. The shelves are packed with lovely fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, fish and more! There’s a till, shopping basket and a trolley which has space for lots of yummy goodies. You can increase your sales space, or add accommodation for your shop staff by extending the Village Store with other buildings - Cedar Terrace, Cosy Cottage or the Toy Shop (all sold separately) can be stacked on top of the Village Store to add extra levels.
** the pack includes one bonus figure (I haven't opened so am not sure but think it is a Grey Cat Auntie figure - all others shown on the box are NOT included) **
The set is brand new, in box and unused - an unwanted gift. Please note there is a small bump on the box at the front (on the 'bonus figure included' part) but this is superficial and hasn't actually gone right through the cardboard. The box also includes the original Argos label which states it has been 'opened and examined' - but has not been opened since purchase and is brand new.
Dimensions: Approx. height - 20cm Approx. footprint - 30cm x 25cm