Syroco Wood Salty Old Man Of The Sea Captain Figurine

Syroco Wood Old Man And The Sea Old Salt Captain Figurine. Measures 7 1/4" tall. Unmarked, this would have once held a paper label. Composition wood that is carved in the figure of an old Seaman. He stands with hands in his coat pockets. He has a double row of buttons down his coat, long trousers, boots and a cap with a navy anchor emblem. His eyes squint and he smiles. His nose has sharp features and his beard is rounded. He's a familar old soul to anyone who has ever visited the eastern coast and reminds me of the old salt sea captians of New England, Maine or Massachusetts. He is in Nice Clean Condition with No chips, cracks or stains. He looks like he may have been displayed outside and has wear (?) to his finish. T are remnants of Gold highlights on his coat buttons, sleeve bands and the anchor on his hat. It is possible that this wear is intentional to make him look antique and seasoned by age and experience. Personally, I like the look, it makes him look real. He could certainly be re-stained to have a more conformed look. This would be Excellent displayed in an ocean beach house, in the bath or with other nautical items. A Great Addition to your Old Man of the Sea Collection. View my other auctions for another Syroco Sea Captian and other Figurines this week. Please email me with any questions. Be assured all items will be ... read more