New the system abs abdominal muscle ab flex belt MENS

New the system abs abdominal muscle ab flex belt MENS


100% Brand New.

Control device (host) Rechargeable design: only 2-3 hours of charging can be used 2 weeks Multi-purpose control device, a machine can be used to repair belt, repair arm machine attachment Control device can be placed in special cells in the dark for easy use in sports LCD screen, let you view the data and records Specifications :

The Gold Standard In Abdominal Toning Belts Slendertone System Abs is our most powerful abs belt with advanced technical features to deliver results in just 4 weeks. It delivers a complete abdominal workout for your mid-section and is the most advanced abdominal trainer on the market today. 20 minutes a day using 'Slendertone System Abs' is the Equivalent of doing 120 Ab Crunches!

Use in conjunction with our 3Day Weight Loss Workout DVD (which you can grab for free for a limited time and really watch your body shape change for the better in no time).

Use 5 times a week for 4 weeks to see firmer, stronger, more defined abs. Does Slendertone Work? Independent Clinical Trials Show: 100% of users reporting firmer more toned abs 49% increase in abdominal strength 72% increase in abdominal endurance Average 1.4 inch waist reduction 3 times more effective than its nearest competitor
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