Szczerbiec Coronation Sword of Poland Polish medieval saber of justice Minature

Szczerbiec Sword

The Szczerbiec sword is the coronation sword of Poland. This small replica Polish sword, part of Polish cultural heritage. Originally sword of justice, later the ceremonial sword of Polish kings.
This is a replica of a sword made in the 12th or 13th century, sword of Piast dynasty. It is encased in a solid wood box that is lined in velvet. The material is somewhat faded.
The original sword can be seen in Wawel castle in Krakow. There is a brochure that outlines the history of the use of this sword included in the box. The sword itself is in very good condition.

Made in Poland.

Szczerbiec Sword features

Toledan steel.
Polish eagle.
Polish symbols and inscriptions.
Overall Length: 10 inches.

Blade Length:8 1/2 inches

Medieval sword of Polish kings.

This is a rare souviner sword that any collector would enjoy adding to their collection.

Polish swords. Made in Poland.