Szeged Scott J8* (1919, 100 on 2)

Unregistered lots are sent at your own risk. If your unregistered lots are lost or stolen, you agree not to file a PayPal chargeback case, or leave negative or neutral feedback. Most items will be shipped within 8 hours after payment. All faults are mentioned. * = hinged; ** = never hinged; no designation = used; NG = no gum; NGAI = no gum as issued. Communication is essential. All problems will be resolved to your satisfaction, but you must communicate with me to resolve them!

I am willing to combine purchases until you reach the following totals:

Je suis prêt � regrouper les achats jusqu'� ce que vous atteigniez les totaux suivants:

Estoy dispuesto a combinar las compras hasta que Ud. llegue a los siguientes totales:

Eu estou disposto a combinar compras até chegar aos seguintes totais:

Sono disposto a combinare gli acquisti fino a raggiungere i totali seguenti:


Lots/Lotes Value/Valor/Valeur/Valore U.S/EUA/SU Other Countries/Autres Pays/Otros Países/Outros Paises/Altri Paese

1-15 $.01-$25.00 $.49 $1.20

16-25 $.01-$25.00 $2.00 $2.50

1-25 $25.01-$1000 $2.00 $2.50

Priority Mail (US): $5.75 Registration/Recommandé/Registrado $13.65

PLUS: insurance coverage cost

Cost varies, depending
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