E.T. lunch box with thermos

Vintage 1982 E.T. Lunchbox and Thermos

I am selling a Vintage Metal E.T. Lunchbox from1982. This lunchbox is in great condition. The Yellow rim has some fading andscuffs, mostly on the edges and corners; you can see this in the picture. The frontis in wonderful condition, there is a little bit of wear on the T in the upperright corner, and a very small scratch on his hair. The back has a little wearon the bottom of the E and the top of the T, there is also some wear on thebottom of the wheels on the back kid’s bike and the bottom of the wheels of thefront bike. Both the sides have no visible scratches or damage. The bottom alsohas no damage. The top has a few really small, thin scratches, but they arehardly noticeable. The inside is in good condition, there is dirt and rust onthe bottom of the inside, and the lid of the inside. I am also selling the Vintage Plastic E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Thermos from 1982.This thermos is in great condition, there is no damage and very few tiny scratches,that blend in with the sky so you cannot even see them. The inside is inperfect shape, with no damage. The thermos comes with the twist cap and outerlid, both in great shape. All parts are original. Please look at thepictures, this is sold as is.

Ifyou have any questions feel free to ask and we will answer any questions to thebest
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