T-REX April 24, 1971 Tx, 2 Promo Pics, Contracts,MORE

T-REX Fans can look back at one of the first US Concerts with this package. On April 24,1971 T-REX played a show at St. Andrews Church at Washington & Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia with their opening act Sir Lord Baltimore . This package contains a mint condition full ticket from the event and a copy of the original newspaper advertisement for the show. With this package is the ORIGINAL contract between the band and the promoters , Bud Becker and Barry Richards . The management for T-REX, E.G.Management Furnished the Services for T-REX signed the document. Barry Richards as Promoter also signed. Both signatures are in ink and all text and typed text is still easy to read ( rather pristine considering it's age ). The original contract for the event between Promoter and Hall is included and the original invoice for the 4/24/71 T-REX concert tickets is also for your collection. The ticket invoice fully describes the ordered lots for that event... it's a nice backup to insure you have the authentic ticket ! I have included copies of two original promotional photos sent to use for advertising purposes by the promoter. The group shot copied well but the second copied with a bit of a flaw due to the way they had been stored over the years. ( The close up of Marc Bolan remains invaluable to his fans even with a blemish on the ... read more