T206-Helmar #334 Fred Toney Cincinnati Reds


This is a recent, hand-made art card by HELMAR. If you are unfamiliar with Helmar, please read the full description. You may enjoy our blog, ; our Facebook page, The Helmar Baseball Art Card Company; or our website, .

Card # 334 T206-Helmar Player Position Team Fred Toney Looking over shoulder Cincinnati Reds Top Auction Price Total Sold Avg # Bids Avg # Bidders Last Sold $87.80 8 5 3 May 9, 2017

The Helmar T206 series is one of our boldest and most important projects. Each card is the same size as the original American Tobacco 1909-1911 T206 cards, though the Helmar T206s are thicker and sturdier. Each Helmar T206 is made from an original, exclusive painting. Cuban stars, Babe Ruth with the Red Sox, Negro Leaguers, and Ty Cobb shaking hands with Honus Wagner are some of the most popular Helmar T206s.We also spend a huge amount of time creating evocative, humorous, interesting backs. In creating these cards, we have a deep appreciation for the unknown artists who brought the original T206s to life. Will Helmar T206s ever get to 514-520 cards, the (controversial) number of 1909-1911 T206s? We hope so.

Helmar cards are printed on paper stock consistent with the most treasured card sets of the late 19th century, and early 20th century. Our cards are hand-distressed and treated, to give them a worn, well-loved look
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