Tactical map of Arnhem/Operation Market Garden

Up for auction is a black and white copy of an original WW2 US Army tactical 1:25,000 scale map. My original map was scanned and copies were printed by a commercial printing company. It is highly detailed and shows houses, roads, rivers, etc. This is the map used by paratroopers during Operation Market Garden. Arnhem was the scene of brutal fighting and even though the British Airborne put up a valiant struggle, they were surrounded and what was left, surrendered. Also included in this map are some of the famous bridges and also Nijmegen, w the 505th fought. On the map is the famous traffic circel and Hunner Park, the fighting for which was recently detailed in "Four Stars of Valor by Phil Nordyke. LTC John Frost led his British 1st Airborne in the fight for Arnhem, in what would be a crushing defeat for the British. Market-Garden was declared a victory by Montgomery, but Monty was his own biggest fan. To everyone else it looked like a defeat. Arnhem was made famous in the 1975 movie "A Bridge Too Far" with Sean Connory, Robert Redford, Anthony Hopkins etc. This is an excellent adjunct to studying the battle or for use during reenactments or historical displays. 505th, 505, 82nd, nijmegen, bridge too far, airborne, airborn, 101st, market garden
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