Tactical Tailor Modified GI Mountain Ruck Pack, USMC

This pack is ready for combat. This is a standard large mountain ruck that has been modified by Tactical Tailor . This pack has a five-pocket configuration, which includes a Hydration Pocket to accommodate a 3 Liter bladder, which is on the left side as it is worn. The other four pockets have made this a proven pack in all field environments. This is ideal for any person planning long-range patrols that operate without frequent re-supply. This pack does not come with the aluminum frame or shoulder straps that is standard on ALICE packs but attaches with ease. This pack has been r einforced w it always seems to give out, at the frames mounting points. The seams are reinforced with #69 nylon thread to ensure the ruck will not give out under a heavy load. All metal buckles have been replaced with new quick release Fastex buckles. Makes opening and closing of pockets and top flap faster and easier.

Placement and sizes of modified pockets:
Pockets 1 : 9"H x 6"W x 4"D (Right side)
Pockets 2,4 : 6"H x 5"W x 4"D (Left and right of center)
Pocket 3 : 7"H x 11"W x 4" D (Center)
Hydration Pocket: 14"H x 6"W x 4"D (Left side)

This is in great condition, used while in STA platoon in the USMC. My name is written in small print on the back, measuring appx. 3"x1". It can easily be written over, or a name tape attached
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