TAGES - 1964-68! / Swedish 2-LP Compilation

Tages - 1964-68!
EMI 7C4/5 Sweden 1983
Sleeve: Excellent
Vinyl : Excellent

Tages was a Swedish Rock and Roll /Psychedelic/Folk band formed in the early sixties near Gothenburg . The band released a number of singles and LPs in their native Sweden to considerable success, making the Swedish Top Ten more than a dozen times. Though remembered as one of the finest non-English speaking bands of the 1960s, they failed to ever really break into the US or UK markets.

The Tages also produced one of the world's first psychedelic albums, named " Extra Extra " in 1966. Their next goal was to create a style of pop music that was totally Swedish. To accomplish this they learned traditional Swedish folk music, and based their pop compositions on that. After this, they produced their fifth and last album, " Studio ", in Abbey Road Studio 1967. This album is sometimes referred to as "The Sgt Pepper Of Sweden", not because it sounds like The Beatles but because it is a very original musical experient.

This is the definitive Tages anthology, including all of their hit singles and many other tracks. " The One for You," "Crazy 'Bout My Baby, " "The Man You'll Be Looking For, " and " Miss McBaren , " especially, are accomplished mod rockers on par with some of the best material of the sort being produced in Britain in the
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