Takara 12" Neo Blythe Doll **Nicky Lad**

Takara 12" Neo Blythe Doll "Nicky Lad"

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Takara Neo Blythe Doll " Nicky Lad "

Produced by Takara.

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A boyish girl Nicky Lad is visiting the new Science Museum in the park with her friend.
The museum has a rain forest exhibit that has occasional showers here and there!
She is going prepared with her rain coat with hood to take a good look at everything!

She has a fresh boyish fashion and short hair.
She wears a light blue polo shirt with white denim short pants.
Her polo shirt has a cute yellow dots and hot pink piping for a vivid, pop look.
Her pants have light blue accent stitches.
Over the shirt and denim, she wears a vivid yellow rain coat.
The silhouette is an A-line poncho, and the hot pink piping perfectly trims the coat.
Her glasses and work boots are hot pink, too, to match the coat!
Her socks are light gray, and the cuffs are made with ribbed fabric.

Her hair style is a side parted, short hair.
Her hair color is a yellowish light brown.
For this cheerful girl’s makeup, yellow for eyeshadow, coral pink for lips and blush had been selected.
She has one special eye chips "sky blue" gazing toward the center.
Her face type is Radiance,
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