Takara 12" Neo Blythe Doll Simply ***(Chocolate)***

Takara 12" Neo Blythe Doll Simply *(Chocolate)*


Takara Neo Blythe Doll Simply Chocolate * 1 doll*

Produced by Takara.

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Simply Chocolate loves chocolate ice cream and her favorite dance step is the Pony!
She has a mellow warm felling of a sensitive but fun friend.
She's styled in a groovy little one piece dress, that has the classically mod A-Line shape

Her warm colored mini dress is chocolate brown, deep red, vivid pink and she has a bright orange POP of color with her tights!
Her Op-Art earrings match Vanilla's but has a warm red and orange palette.
Her deep red flat shoes are perfect for a night of dancing
Simply Chocolate's hair is set in flippy little bob with bangs in her deep brown color.
It bounces and moves so easily!
Let's talk about beauty, her natural skin tone is best for the warm brown eyeshadow, pink lips, and coral cheeks.

[ Face Type ] Fairest
[ Skin Type ] Natural
[ Make-up ] Eye Shadow: light brown, Lip: pink, Cheek: coral
[ Eye Color ] Stock
[ Hair Color ] Chocolate Brown
[ Earrings ] Round dangling earrings with Op-Art print
[ The set includes ] Doll, color block dress, vivid tights, Op-Art
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