Takara Breezy Singers Sensor Animated Bird - Bluebird

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Takara Breezy Singers Animated Bird- Eastern Bluebird
Takara Singing Parakeets - YELLOW
To see other collectibles, please click this icon Realistic sounds & movement with motion-activated photosensor Each style professionally carved Songs provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology Includes on-off switch
Product Size :9 x 7 x 2.1 Product Weight :9 oz. Power: 3 LR44 batteries included
With authentic recorded birdcalls provided by the Cornell ornithology labs, these life-size animatronic birds burst into song when someone draws near. Their heads, tails and beaks move too, making these "Breezy Singer" authentic replicas of our fine-featd friends. Choose the Northern Cardinal (70002), the American Goldfinch (70001), the Eastern Bluebird (70003), or the American Robin (70004) . Requires 3 LR44 batteries, included.

Item Number:TMY70003
Item Name:Takara Breezy Singers Animated Bird- Eastern Bluebird
Warranty: 14 days. Exchange only. No Refund
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