TAKARA Metal Fight BeyBlade BB-24 Booster ESCOLPIO 145B

Manufacturer: TAKARA TOMY

Style No.: MFB Metal Fight BeyBlade BB-24 Boosters ESCOLPIO 145B

The new BeyBlades are to be spinning at faster and make more noise as Metal will be clashing Metal. Balance, Power, Speed, and the BB-15 Launcher Grip will make your BeyBlades spinning crazy! JUST RELEASED in Japan.

Package includes: Face , Wheel, Track, Bottom, Tool & instructions.

Condition: Brand New with Original Packing


The plastic line on the barcode of the above photo is the original plastic cover from the front till the backside edge. The Chinese characters are the original sticker of Sole Distributor in Hong Kong, named Mani Ltd. This is original packing and official product from TAKARA TOMY. You can contact TAKARA TOMY about MANI LTD. Hong Kong if t is any doubt. I read some non-sense discussion on Beyblade Forum that I am selling something else because t is a sticker of MANI Ltd. and the plastic line touching on the barcode. Please have a look of the above photos seriously. Please also read our feedback page about the comments from our TAKARA TOMY Beyblade. Thank you for your kind attention.

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