Takashi Miike "Blues Harp" Japanese Movie POSTER

Japanese Movie Poster Original theatrical poster for the first release in 1998. Cast : Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Seiichi Tanabe, Mickey Curtis Directed by Takashi Miike Overall Condition: Excellent
Unused. T are slight horizontal fold lines.
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Size: 20" x 28" (Approx 51cm x 72cm)
The main sizes of Japanese Movie poster Name Size B-zen 28" x 40" B1 (Almost same size as US one sheet) Tatekan 20" x 56" B2 x 2 2 panel poster Hansai 20" x 28" B2 Japanese Regular One sheet Chiho-ban 20" x 28" or 14" x 20" Local Version A kind of theatrical poster.
Not studio official issued. Yonsai Press 10" x 28" or 14" x 20" DS Press Sheet Yonsai 10" x 28" (speed) Generally, the 10" x 28" poster artwork is the same as Tatekan.
14" x 20" B3 Nakaduri 14" x 20" B3 Train promotional Poster
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