� Takira Min Modeli Offroader Item ID: 10000297

Leave even the most tenacious pursuers eating your dust withthe Takira Mini Offroader. The attractively-priced 1:64 RC car comes with a Turbo function, working headlights, a tough, crash-resistant body and a built-in battery unit.

Dodge obstacles and hazards with the superb handling and sprung rear suspension. The wide, grippy rubber tires mean that no obstacle can stand in your way, so feel free to take it off the beaten track - as long as you don’t mind scuffing the exquisitely detailed bodywork. Night missions are also a breeze thanks to the front- and rear-mounted headlights.

Ideal for relaxed cruising, dirt racing and (thanks to its tiny-but-tough design) for stress-relief missions in the office.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Highlights: Finely detailed body Sprung rear suspension and rubber tires wide enough to handle any terrain RC features - Gas, brake and steering White front headlight when accelerating, red taillights when the brakes are applied Sturdy steering-wheel shaped remote control Charges by attaching to remote control Highly crash-resistant (lightweight but tough) Suitable for ages 6+ Features: Long life battery (2.4V 100MAH NI-CD) 2 easily accessible turbo buttons Adjustable steering ratio Operating /charging LED on remote control Radio
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