Talavera 11-1/2" pottery handpainted PLATE lead free NR

This auction is for a vintage in excellent condition 11-3/8" Talavera signed plate from Guadalajara, Mexico.

White spots are the sun's reflection. No chips/cracks/crazing.

This was used about twenty years ago for awhile before a move and then boxed up and stored since then.

This is lead free. This is in excellent condition. No chips. If you are international please contact me first so I can give you the real price.

I charge the exact shipping the post office charges me.

When I moved to California my little sister would visit me from Italy and we would take trips to Guadalajara

we first discovered this beautiful handpainted unique pottery. Unique in that we started collecting pottery by the artist S. Plomo.

All of these pieces listed whether signed or not are from this artist. This is the plate you are getting as pictured.

Nearly every item I am selling has something to do with honoring my sister's life.

Some of the pottery I have is from her home in Italy and a lot of it is from a storage unit from a lot of shopping trips

to Mexico where we own property.

Let me know if you get to the end of my page and I will send an "extra" with this pottery. I combine shipping.

When my sister, Juli, passed away in Venice, Italy in 2005 after
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