Tales From The Grace Chapel Inn 20 Volumes

Titles Include: Back HomeAgain, Melody Carlson

Goingto the Chapel, Rebecca Kelly
Recipes & Wooden Spoons, Judy Baer
Hidden History, Melody Carlson
Portraits of the Past, Rebecca Kelly
Winter Wonders, Melody Carlson
Home for the Holidays, Rebecca Kelly
Slices of Life, Judy Baer
Something Old, Something New, Jane Orcutt
All in the Timing, Melody Carlson
Promises to Keep, Rebecca Kelly
The Price of Fame, Carolyn Aarsen
The Pipe Organ, Jane Orcutt
Saints Among Us, Anne Marie Rodgers
In Her Sister's Footsteps, Pam Hanson/Barbara Andrews
The Way We Were, Judy Baer
Empty Nest, Pam Hanson/Barbara Andrews
Steady and Slow, Anne Marie Rodgers
As Time Goes By, Annie Jones

Keepingthe Faith, Pam Hanson/Barbara Andrews