Tales of Symphonia Collector's Pin Colette Brunell Secret Kotobukiya

Tales of Symphonia Pin - Secret Pin Colette Brunell
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Product details

Summary: Tales of Symphonia Pin produced by Kotobukiya featuring Colette! This pin is part of the Pintre (Pin Trading) Collection produced by Kotobukiya. There are twelve pins in all! These pins are very rare and a must have for a true Tales aficionado!

Item Title: Secret Pin Colette Brunell
Produced By: Kotobukiya
Format: Pin
Language: Japanese
Count: 1
Size: about 1 inch
Condition: Used - Very Good* These items are packaged in blind packets. Some of the packaging had to be opened to verify which pin was in the pouch.
Genre: A
A - no set audience/light romance, B - shounen/shoujo ai (soft), C - BL (boy's love/y.a.o.i), D - male x female, E - yuri, F - other
Recommendation: Recommended for 15+ Please note: Contains small and sharp parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
G - general (all), PG - guidance suggested (10+) , PG13 - teen (13+), PG15 - older teen (15+), R - not general
Legend : Character x Character implies a romantic/slash relationship between characters. Character + Character indicates a friendly relationship or familial tie. Character > Character or Character < Character represents one-sided
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