Tall Case Clock PARTS, Top Frame, Door, other Wood Trim

Wood trim parts for a Tall Case Clock, perhaps from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 Feet Tall, OR, these parts could also be used to make a large Mantle Clock, using only the top section pieces (listed before the // marks), using a key wound or quartz chime/strike movement. If you are constructing your own case from plans, these would save a lot of hunting for the right hardwood, the right styles, measuring, cutting, and mitering. These parts came from a Tall Case Clock that the 'head' and the 'base' were larger than the 'body' and that the base was a little larger than the top. The face frame is 17 1/2" tall overall, including the finial. It is 15 5/8" across, from 'shoulder' to 'shoulder' and 13 5/8" across the body. It is 12 5/8" from the shoulder to the bottom. (Picture #1) There are two 9 3/4" trim pieces (not shown) that finish the trim at the top of this frame on the sides. The trim at the base of the "Head" has the 2" 'ledge' pieces and the trim pieces that go on top. That frame measures 15" wide and 10" deep. (Picture #2) The door is 13 5/8" tall to the top of the arch and 10" wide. The HINGES are attached and included (but not the screws that attach the door to the frame.) The GLASS is included. (Picture #3) // There are 3 pieces of trim for where the waist meets the bottom 'box', that are 13 1/2" by 8 3/4". (Picture #4) The 'foot' trim ... read more