Tamiya 1/14 Tractor Truck MULTI FUNCTION CONTROL MFC-01





Incorporates a ESC that enables extremely low speed for semi-trailer coupling to normal running speed Complete, unassembled, brand new kit Optional upgrade lit for full line of Tamiya 1/14 R/C Tractor Truck This MFC-01 unit makes your 1/14 R/C tractor truck come to life: 24 types of sound effects, 9 types of lighting effects, 5 extra special operations All effects and actions synchronize with vehicle movement Engine sound is digitally recorded form a diesel engine Vibration unit replicates engine start-up and wind-down sequences with incredible realism Sound and lighting effects can also be controlled manually by control unit This unit requires a 4-channel radio set with 2 servos to operate ( Radio set and running 7.2V battery are available at extra costs, please email me for details) The whole set includes the multi-function unit (MFC-01), speaker, control unit, LED lights, vibration unit, and coupler unit

Sound Effects :

Alarm1, Alarm 2, Engine starter, Idling, Air dryer, Revving, Running without semi-trailer, Coupler attachment, Coupler detachment, Down-shifting, Up-shifting, Air discharging1, Air charging 2, Exhaust brake, Brake, Short Honk, Continuous honk, Turn signal 1, Turn signal 2, Hazard lamp,
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