Tamiya Acrylic Paints

for sale is a small job lot of paints.
these are tamiya acrilyc paints for static models and rc cars with hardbodies shells.
the spray can is a matt black code TS-6 bought to pain a model but ended up not being used, its still in the orginal factory sealed wraping.
the 5 brush paints have had some use painitng small bits of a tamiya highlift model, the translucent orange (X-26) and translucent red (X-27) were used only to pain the lens covers, the chrome silver (X-11) was used on just the rear light pod areas.
of the 2 matt black paints (XF-1) one is untouched the other has about 50% left inside.
great paints and easy to work with, there is enough paint here to fully paint a model to a matt black theme.
can't say much more than that.
uk postage only