Tamiya Clodbuster 6x6 Aluminum Chassis

Here is a newly made aluminum chassis for a 6x6 Clodbuster. This animal is huge. It measures roughly 24-1/4" long not including the front bumper horns or rear hitch tab. Using stock parts will yield wheel bases of 13-1/4" front to mid and 7" mid to rear. This is similar to the Sassy Chassis of the old days but mine is thicker. This one is 2mm thick whereas the original Sassy was only 1.5mm. This auction only includes the upper chassis and the 2 lower sections. No other parts or hardware will be included. There was a lot of interest for these while I was making my other ones, so we'll see how it goes. I have sold 2 of these to a friend who claims they are absolutely perfect. The lower chassis' are powder coated black while the upper chassis is unfinished. There will be some minor scratches and imperfections caused during the fabrication process but these parts will not disappoint.