I'm not 100% sure what this is was made for or what it's made of but I think it's bronze possible brass (definitely needs a shining or cleaning) and is a pelican with its beak wide open; I beleive it was made to be used as a handle for a gate maybe or something like that. It has been glued to a piece of marble 6 inches long and 3 inches wide by ½ inch thick. On the marble also is a penny that is dated 1973. I'm sure the pelican is much older than that so I'm not sure of the significance of the penny . T is an oval indentation on the side of the pelican and it has on it "TAMPA FLORIDA." So this may be an old souvenir of some sort or a designation placed by the maker of the item, especially if it was used as a gate handle or something like that. except for needing a cleaning or shining it's a fine item in great condition. On the marble is some glue residue; this could possible be removed from the marble if need be. Have no idea as to the age of this. By its placing on the marble it could even be used as a change holder or catch-all for some small stuff. quite a nice item and quite detailed. Money order, check or Paypal accepted. Shipping weight is at 3 pounds and shipping priority mail varies by zip code from $5.00-$9.00. I've received information the pelican is from the 1940's and was made as a souvenir pipe stand or ash tray and ... read more