TANG dynasty 618-907 AD -- HORSE + RIDER + TAIL = 28cm

Please see my OTHER AUCTIONS. all guarenteed . note on some of these in the collection t is limited restoration or reatachment of breaks from on site. i will note any major i see and differentiate any later restoration work.

winner has option of purchasing allens book on authenticating ancient chinese ceramics for an additional $80 - similar illustrated in THIS BOOK

best we can tell this is in the ZHOU or early HAN style. the seperate firing of the head, rider, tail etc was done from this time thru han. this is from the same TANG tomb group and i suppose it could be earlier but most probably the horse and rider were done in the HAN style 600 years after the HAN was gone. . i have the thermoluminescent dating for the 4 foot high one which is early han but is grey clay not this light tan.. this is in the best shape save for a molding flaw on the right cheek.

fired light tan clay - teracotta from tomb grouping around XIAN same place w the army was found.

original collector was in hong kong, this collection was all legally imported from xian area site.

ex smith, ex canelo.

use these figures for display, teaching or to study the surface, clay, tooling marks, mineral deposits smell, etc and compare with the very beautiful fakes you may have been buying from ebay sellers for hundreds of bucks.
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