Tanglewood Starfire TSE 501 K

For sale is My Tanglewood Electric Guitar.

I don't seem to play this one much these days therefore i don't see the need to keep it.

It is in good condition for its age, it was bought approx 30 - 40 (not actually quite sure) years ago by my grandad and then passed down to me.

I have tried to show within the pictures the exact damage that the guitar has received over the years which isn't much, there is a chip on the side/back near the jack and some scratches here and there. There is some rust on the tuning nuts and it could do with some new strings which can be bought for as little as £2 on eBay i think. When fully tuned with new strings the sound is unbelievably fantastic, i used to use it when i was performing on stage in a Bon Jovi tribute band so i know for a fact that it can deliver to its full potential.

This would be great for a new starter or for some one that just wants a guitar to play on when they have a few hours spare wither way its at a bargain price and INCLUDES the original amp.

I can't post the guitar as i don't have anything to pack it in therefor it must be picked up on person from WN7 5RH. I will only accept payment via Pay Pal in the interest of the buyer.

Any questions then please feel free in contacting me.