TANNOY System 15 DMT II Studio Monitors

Used in a professional recording studio, minor cosmetic wear and tear but the speakers work and sound great.
Product Description Suitable for mid-field or main monitoring, the System 15DMT II is a versatile and powerful system offering the superb performance of Tannoy's 15" point-source Dual Concentric(TM) drive unit. This drive unit offers output with the ideal spherical wavefront, meaning a cohesive soundstage whether you are mixing for two channel or modern multi-channel formats. In addition, the System 15DMT II is capable of high sound pressure levels without compression and remains unfatiguing over extended listening periods. The crossover is split into separate HF and LF sections to minimize component interaction and can be bi-amplified by those looking for the optimum performance. Carefully chosen crossover components are used to minimize distortions caused by component saturation. These include Copper capacitors, HF Mega capacitor, and vacuum impregnated air-core inductor. Like all Tannoy System Series enclosures, the System15DMT II uses comprehensive internal bracing to reduce panel resonances, and rounded baffle edges to minimize HF diffraction effects. PERFORMANCE Sensitivity 98 dB SPL / 2.83 V @ 1m (half space) Nominal Impedance 8 ohm Frequency Response 3 dB 38Hz - 25kHz Power Handling (RMS/Programme) 200 W / 40
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