Tantric Ritual Tibetan Magic Phurba Dagger

Rare Red Cloth Hand Carved Tibetan Ritual Phurba Dagger

The primative wood Phurba dagger is sort of a Tibetan magic wand. It comes from the mountain tribes of Bonpo Shamans in the Himalayan region between Kathmandu Nepal and Tibet. It can be used as Yantra to store personal power and also for ritual protection to destroy demons in Tibetan mythology. It is one of the more occult items that has come from the Bonpo shaman religion of pre-Buddhist Tibet. This is a magnificent redition in wood with the traditional red cloth from ceremonial use attached. It measures 13 inches long.

On top we find the village Deity then moving down are three heads of Vajrakila baring their teeth. As we slope down the middle carvings represent a Dorje or Vajra known as a thunderbold representing spiritual power. Then to the bottom t the tradition three sided blade representing the three poisens: desire, ignorance, & hatred with a intertwined surpent.

A rare and original phurba with very destinctive carving. On the bottom you see a red seal from the government of Nepal giving permission for this antique to be exported.

This is a very old powerful primative magic tool use with caution. If you are a Shaman, Tibetan Buddhist, or collector of occult items, then this is for you! Others may bid also!


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