TANYA ROBERTS Charlie's Angels DOLLY PARTON Linda Evans

Magazine: Rona Barrett's Hollywood
Date: December 1980
Article (With Photos) on:
Tanya Roberts -- one page with large b&w photo of Tanya, another page on Charlie's Angels "A year-by year look" with 6 small photos of all of the angels
Dolly Parton -- 4 pages with one full-page color photo of Dolly and 3 smaller b&w photos
Linda Evans -- 4 pages with one full-page b&w photo of Linda and 6 smaller b&w photos
Tom Wopat of The Dukes of Hazzard -- 2 pages with HUGE color photo of Tom (as a boxer) with John Schneider and Catherine Bach, plus a smaller color photo of Tom and John
"The Return of the Handsome Hero" -- including Richard Gere, Christopher Atkins, Christopher Reeve, Robert Urich, Ken Howard, Gregory Harrison, Robert Hays, and Greg Evigan with a page on each one
"Seems Like Old Times" with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase
"Hart to Hart" stars Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers -- 6 2/3 pages with lots of b&w photos
Debbie Reynolds interview
Paul Newman
"The Man With Bogart's Face"
Paul Sand
Tippi Hedren interview with color photos
"The Idolmaker" with Peter Gallagher and Ray Sharkey
Lorna Patterson interview with color photo
Also: many more articles on stars, gossip, and much more! 99 pages!
Condition: Complete, good with
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