Target Drone plane/ radioplane

I recovered this drone from deep in the woods after a 3 year search. It was stripped of its engine,parachute and all other internal parts by the military after its crash. I can only assume it crashed about 50 years ago if not longer.

I pieced it together as best i could for the picture. If someone knows what they are doing they could restore it providing they still make parts. It would also make a great prop for a restaurant. This was no easy task recovering this little gem. It took me many hours of research and three years of searching. Then with the help of metal detectors i was able to locate the debris field and recover the hatches. I contacted the AirForce Museum to see if they could ID it from pictures and this is what they emailed me

This aircraft appears to be a Radioplane USD-1/MQM-57 surveillance drone. Approximately 1,500 USD-1s were procured by the U.S. Army from 1959-1970. This drone was a derivative of the Radioplane OQ-19 drone fielded by the US Air Force.

Again this plane was gutted wings and all but otherwise the body and wings are in great shape. T are bullet holes on the tail section

Any questions please email me