Presented is a magnificent, very important, large 25''x32.5 oil on canvas by master abstract expressionist Taro Tamamoto in great condition. This rare painting was stretched and framed by Taro himself. He hated making frames. Taro, being one of the major abstract expressionist of the 1950's school, shyed from the lime light unlike most of his contemporaries at that time. The consequence of this was less publicity, but his impact on the artistic universe was no less greater than that of Hofmann, De Kooning, Rothko, Pollock, or any other of his contemporaries. Taro's recent surge in collectabilty confirms this. Being the descendant of a long line of Shinto priests Taro lived his life very different than any other abstract expressionist that I know. Taro was not only a master painter but he was also an avid gardener, and lover of nature and simplicity. He prefered the peace of a beautiful garden over the glamor of a big show and thus never really tried to project himself when it came to his image as an artist. in Sarasota He would drive up to a clients home in his little truck that Walter Chrysler gave him, and say " if you like it buy it, why do you need to think about it for two days?" He was very unorthadox in that way, he really loathed indecision. This lack for art buisiness was made up by his prolific career and his mastery as ... read more