TARZAN AND THE FOREIGN LEGION by Edgar Rice Burroughs. 1947, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Tarzana, California. Illustrated by John Coleman Burroughs. Fine condition in fine dust jacket. A small amount of weathering at the top of the jacket edge. In mylar to protect the jacket. Very light owner's stamp beneath the sub title. Not a problem. I could live with it. There are five illustrations in the book at various intervals. owner's stamp on Illustration's content page. another burp. but mild. This book is getting very difficult to find in any condition. I haven't seen any in many years. The story behind this Tarzan title takes place in Sumatra. and ERB devotes a page dealing with his location of story in Sumatra, dated: Honolulu, ll September, 1944. Back of cover has two recent ERB novels listed with a photo of each.: Escape on Venus, and Land of Terror. see photo