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Tarzan. Barsoom. Jungle. White apes and banths. John Carter, Warlord of Mars, and La, the beautiful High Priestess of Opar, characters and locals thought to never be seen again when their originator, Edgar Rice Burroughs, died in 1950.

TARZAN ON MARS was written by Stuart J. Byrne under his pen name John Bloodstone, and was originally written for Raymond Palmer and Other Worlds Magazine in the fifties. It has never been commercially published.

This copy has cover art by Roy G. Krenkel. It is in Like New or Near Mint condition. There are 5 full page illustrations in the book and are listed in the table of contents. This book has 331 story pages, plus 5 illustration pages, on 8.5" x 11" copy paper .

Long suppressed and secretly shared among Burroughs fans for almost fifty years, TARZAN ON MARS is a completely new story of the greatest fictional characters ever written. Written closely in Burroughs' style, TARZAN ON MARS is a worthy addition to any ERB's fan's collection.

TARZAN ON MARS Tarzan, Jane, La of Opar, the Oparian High Priest Cadj, Nkima the monkey, Jason Gridley, John Carter, Carthoris, Tars Tarkas, Kar Komak, and Vad Varo (Ulysses Paxton) all appear in this sweeping epic novel of religious reform on Mars, otherwise known as Barsoom. Unpublished
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