TASCAM DX-4D dbx1 Professional Noise Reduction System

This auction is for a used TASCAM DX-4D dbx1 Professional Noise Reduction System. With rack mount ears.
--------------------------------------THIS UNIT IS BEING SOLD AS-IS, FOR REPAIR. THE UNIT'S POWER LIGHT TURNS ON, THE OTHER LIGHTS FOR THE BUTTONS DONT TURN ON. I DONT HAVE ANY WAY OF TESTING IT, most likely, it doesn't work. SO IT IS BEING SOLD FOR PARTS OR REPAIR....................................................
This unit has not been messed with internally.
Please see all pictures for cosmetic condition. One scratch on the top, back right hand side, one on the top left hand side. Face is pretty clean except for some engraving (not too noticeable, it is over the red TASCAM letters).
I have two of these units.
TASCAM DX-4D 4-track DBX-I Professional Noise Reduction Unit A perfect match for your TASCAM or TEAC Reel to Reel Machine (TASCAM is made by TEAC) The DX-4D internally expands and compresses the incoming signals to put a quieter, more constant level on tape w the frequency response is flatter, with far less distortion, print through and adjacent channel cross talk between neighboring tracks. During Playback the unit removes unwanted noises. The DX-4D are excellent 4 track DBX units that were manufactured by DBX for TASCAM.
Please see all pictures, any questions, please ask. Unit will be shipped
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