Tax Tokens (32 from various states)

My grandfather gave me these Tax Tokens about 40 years ago. All are in folders and some are therefore in beautiful shape. I am hoping there is a collector out there that will want these. If you have any questions email me, or if you need a better description or picture just let me know.

Alabama State Tax Commission 1 / Luxury Tax Token

Colorado Sales Tax, State Treasurer / One Fifih Cent Sales Tax Token Series A-35 -- square shape

Colorado Sales Tax Retail Token 2

Department of Finance, State of Illinois 1-1/2 / Retailers Occupation Token

Kansas Sales Tax Token 1 -- 2 of these

Kansas Sales Tax Token 2 -- 2 of these

Louisiana Luxury Tax Token 1

Mississippi Tax Commission Sales Tax Token 1 / To make change for correct sales tax payment

Missouri Sales Tax Receipt 1 -- 5 of these

Missouri Sales Tax Receipt 5 -- 3 of these

Missouri Sales Tax Receipt -- Retailers One Mill / This receipt shows that you are helping to pay for old age pensions, support of public schools, care of poor insane and tubercular patients in state hospitals and relief of needy unemployed in the State of Missouri -- 3 of these

Missouri Sales Tax Receipt -- Retailers Five Mills / [nothing on the reverse] -- 2 of these

Missouri Sales Tax Token (red)

New Mexico Bureau of
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