Hello, welcome to my auction!

Here's your chance to own a piece of our own evolutionary history, own part of a creature that walked amongst the sabre-toothed cats and dinosaurs.

This is a museum cabinet piece, from the Natural History Museum London collection. Australopithicus sedipa Specimen: Hand of MH2 Date: 1.977-1.98 million years.

Up for auction this week is a fossil cast of the very important evolutionary link between APE and MAN. This is the cast off the original fossil dating back nearly 200 million yrs. It is the adult female hand of AUSTRALOPITHICUS SEDIBA.

This is from the cradle of Human kind which is the area in South Africa where these fossils were unearthed. This site has produced arguably the most remarkable assemblage of early human ancestors ever found. They are probably the most complete skeletons of early homonids ever discovered.

This cast is off an adult female, they walked upright like us and stood about 4ft 4inches tall. If you look at the pics i have included the image of what these creatures are believed to of looked like. A real cross between man and ape.

The fossils were found in sedimentary remains of a deeply eroded cave where they were laid down by a single debris flow which carried them to their last resting place, until discovery nearly 200 million
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