Taxidermy Rook - Large & Stocky, Very good feather quality.. A polite notice to Ebay or whom ever else out there it may concern the bird listed has beenlegally acquired, I can provide documentary evidence that this bird was not taken from the wild illegally. Details of log Number, Taxidermist, Ebay Item number can be found under the base This listing does not contravene the 1981 wildlife and countryside act.

Please read carefully.

I am happy to sell and send overseas as well as here in the United Kingdom:

If in doubt of your countries wildlife laws contact them to find out if your allowed this item.

I will not except responsibility for confiscated items.

I will not be held responsible for Loss or damage once posted, I pack with extreme care,Hopefully My feedback reflects this.

I will in the event of damage or Loss Assist with making a claim with the postal services, This can take some time , I am unable to refund postage costs..