Taxidermy, Weasel, Ermine

This is a brand new mount of a long-tailed weasel in its winter fur coat. It's called an Ermine when its white in winter and just weasel when its brown in summer. The tip of the tail is always black.

I am a professional taxidermist and this was in the freezer & I thought he would go well on eBay. He is absolutely clean and has been tanned for long term preservation. This one has great snow white fur and is in great condition.

He is about 9" by 9" and looks natural on this piece of hardwood. If you are the buyer, I will ship him anywhere in the lower 48 states for $15.

He will look great on your shelf. I hope you like him.

Buddy, our cat likes him, but Buddy doesn't go with the deal. He's too fat to ship !