Taylor Made Tour Preferred TD Irons Set of 3-PW

Up for bid is an original set (3-PW) of Taylor Made Tour Preferred “Red Dot” TD Irons. These are the original T/M blades that started it all and have lots of play left in them. They are right handed and in pretty good shape for their age with no major dings, chips, scratches, or any chrome peeling at all. They were taken care of. In fact, look at the pictures - some still have frosting on the faces. They are equipped with a set of True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts (no shaft bands but the tips have the factory paint). I put them on the frequency board and they came in at a Stiff flex. They also have a reasonable set of Lamkin Sure Tac full cord grips on them which have lots of play left. This is your chance to own a set of original players irons at a great buy.

I have only hit a few balls with these irons just to try them out but found the following reviews from players which I would concur with:

Pros: These are the easy swinging and well balanced clubs. When struck well (and it's not hard to) they are as soft as butter. You don't even feel the club face hit the ball - you just hear a sweet schmack. These clubs are a breeze to work the ball in either direction. Straight is a snap. Trajectory is first rate. Well crafted clubs.

Cons: The only thing that could be put down as a dislike about these clubs is that they

Quality: Solid as a rock. Great craftsmanship. The club heads are weighted perfectly. Good balanced shaft. These are 20 years old and they still play beautifully.

These irons are getting harder to find. Individual clubs in like condition are selling between $29.00 -$49.00 each.

If you would like to try a set of blades for basically the cost of the grips and shipping , then give these a try! I will ship immediately (same day) upon payment!

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