TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Mint unused bargain

This pedal is completely unused and immaculate. It was brought back from the States (Nashville) earlier this year and has never seen action. Still boxed and immaculate.

From cleans with an attitude and warm bluesy tones to a crunchwith grit for days and fully saturated lead sounds full of harmonics andovertones, it’s all here in spades and instantly available by riding yourguitar’s volume knob. Dark Matter distortion is built from the highest-gradecomponents, features an easy-access battery hatch and has a conveniently smallfootprint.

Dark Matter Distortion defines instantgratification and will become the go-to pedal on your board for distortion.Initially, you simply plug it in and start rocking, but its many great soundswill have you playing with it for years to come. From bluesy crunch to full-onvintage cranked, but always very musical distortion sounds, this pedal wasdesigned for the guitarists that like things a bit (or very) dirty. Featuringan all-analog circuit, dual-band tone controls, level and drive knobs and avoicing switch to tweak the bass response, you are set from creamy leads overriff-heavy stadium rock to modern, angst-ridden grunge.

By ramping up the voltage to more than3-4 times the amount of your typical drive pedals, we achieved a dramaticincrease in terms of headroom and dynamics, giving
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