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5-Band Dynamics For PowerCore
MasterX5 goes beyond the MasterX3 Finalizer implementation, offering 5 bands, different filter slopes and double-precision processing.
This plug-in provides even more detailed access during the mastering process for CD and broadcast. It is optimized for 44.1 and 48 kHz processing and is also an ideal tool for optimizing material like commercials for broadcast applications; the 5 bands allow to get even more "level" out of the program material.

5-Band processing with adjustable crossovers




Dithering (uncorrelated)

Look-Ahead feature of up to 10 ms

Adjustable Digital Ceiling with accuracy of up to 0.05 dB

Hi-Res Metering with selectable Hold Modes

Consecutive Clippings counter

1 per DSP in 48 kHz

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