Tea Ceremony Scroll :Daitoku-ji KOBAYASHI TAIGEN "Buji Kore Kinin" w/box @k237

Title Japanese Tea Ceremony Scroll : Daitoku-ji KOBAYASHI TAIGEN "Buji Kore Kinin" w/box @k237 Item
Description *Kobayashi Taigen :
Kobayashi Taigen is a Rinzai sect Daitoku-ji temple priest.
Kobayashi Taigen was born in 1941,and he graduated from Hanazono University,Kobayashi Taigen became chief priest of Oubai-In temple of Daitoku-ji in 1975.
*Buji kore kinin :
"Buji" is usually used as words to express thanks / desire to health / the peace. But, there is another deep meaning in "buji" as the Zen term. It is the state that completely threw away a mind to seek outside oneself. It may be, so to speak, said that it is the state of ease that it has noticed not needing to seek. The meaning of "Buji kore kinin" is "the person who realized such a state from the heart is the really noble person who should be respected. In other words, it is "Buddha". Condition Signature & Seal = Oubai Taigen.
Scroll Box = Original wooden box.
Roller Ends = Wood.
Technique = Handpainted on Paper.
Condition = Refer to all pictures, wrinkles.
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