Tea Chest Bass

Amazingly Loud Bass Sound with beautiful tone. Bassgut string and maple snooker cue folds neatly into case. Compact, affordable easy playing position for players of all abilities. Sprung heavy duty butterfly latches vibrationless hinges with back stop sprung handle, corner guards datgap sound distribution"
This is a new and unused Tea Chest Bass, hand made by the good guy at .
I bought this from him last year (for £150) but unfortunately have not had the chance to learn how to use it properly so am passing it on!
As you'll see from his website, it's got a great loud tone and is made for portability which is great if you want to busk with it. Could work really well with a microphone inside it for stage gigs too. Good solid wood, lovingly crafted.
This was actually the only tea chest bass I could find when I was looking so if you're into authentic folk or skiffle, you definitely want to snap this up!
Also great for any musician wanting to try out a new instrument or anyone interested in slightly strange instruments!