Tea Clipper CUTTY SARK Original MUNTZ Copper Plate (26)

Original MUNTZ Copper Hull Plating from the Clipper CUTTY SARK

This is an Original piece of Muntz Copper Hull Plating removed from the Cutty Sark

during restoration in the 2007 and before the fire on board destroyed most of the Clipper.

This piece plating is approx. 6-8 cm x 19 cm.

This piece is cut from a full 16" width of a sheet of MUNTZ Plating found on the Hull.

This larger than normal piece has a number of orinal nail holes around the edges.

The brighter end is where the next sheet overlapped.

The photo shows the side of the sheet open to the sea.

The back of the sheet which was against the hull varies in colour from aqua blue

to black to shiney brass coloured muntz.


The piece comes with a Certificate of Provenance. (26)

An unusual item from the most Famous Tea Clipper still in existence.

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Wooden ships with copper-plated bottoms lasted longer and went faster, due to copper's protective and antifouling properties. The case in favour was unarguable long term, but required more money up front - hence the phrase "copper-bottomed investment"

G.F. Muntz's 60% copper, 40% zinc, alloy, patented 1832, had
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