Team Associated Sc10 Gt

Here I have a team associated SC 10 GT truck has team Losi tenT wheels on it. They have a 14 mm hex so it does have adapters on it. Truck does not have a radio or receiver. It does have the larger capacity fuel tank in it I believe it is 130 cc truck has not been run in a while the last time he did run if fired over fine checked it before I listed the engine still has great compression. The truck has a ball differential in and I do have a little on the tight side to allow for A limited slip differential if you run this truck a lot on asphalt you tend to burn up the ball diff it does have a new were bowl differential in it as I had to replace it from running on the street too much. Not sure what shape it is in I believe I have a new one if I find it I will include it with the truck. Also the last time we started it did move so don't think that it doesn't move. Any questions please ask sorry no shipping outside United States.