Team Associated SC10,SC10.2,T4.2,B4.2 Alum Motor Plate,VTS Slipper Hub,Spur Gear

New Team Associated 1/10 scale SC10.2 Factory Team milled aluminum motor plate, VTS slipper assembly, spur gears and clear spur gear cover.
● VTS slipper (variable torque,multi-plate slipper with 3 drive surfaces) assembly featuring a high-resolution spring
● Light weight milled anodized blue aluminum motor plate
● Clear spur gear cover for easy viability.
● 1 VTS slipper assembly
● 1 Milled anodized blue aluminum motor plate
● 1 Clear spur gear cover
● 2 Spur gears
● Hardware for installation
● Fits: SC10, SC10.2, SC10B, T4.2, B4.2
(These items were pulled from a new in box Team Associated SC10.2 Factory Team kit part #7038.)
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