Team Epic/Trinity 17.5 D3 Monster Horsepower Series

This 17.5 D3 Monster Horsepower Series motor is ROAR Legal!

The "D3" (Duo3) is a new pro brushless racing motor designed for 2 & 4wd, 1/12th & 1/10th on-road, oval and off-road.

•New stronger gauss neo magnet rotor for more low end torque.
•New stator laminations wound with higher temperature wire for greater reliability.
•Faster switching sensor board design for greater response.
•Fully adjustable timing.
•Heavy duty low drag ball bearings.
•1-4 cell Li-Po use with correct gearing.
Over gearing can hurt your motor by causing the stator winds to over heat, melt the insulation and short out. To prevent this when trying new gearing or figuring out the best gearing for your vehicle, run for one minute and check the motor heat. You want to be under 165 degrees F.

17.5 Turn: 2,300Kv ROAR Spec
includes a 190mm sensor lead