The A Team Signed 1984 TV Script by 4 *George Peppard *Dirk Benedict *MR T

This auction is for a color reprint of:

The A-Team

This auction is for a color copy of the 21 page script for the hit TV show The A-Team entitled "In Plane Sight" dated Jan 3rd 1984. The following signatures are on the cover:

George Peppard ... John 'Hannibal' Smith

Dirk Benedict ... Templeton 'Faceman' Peck

Dwight Schultz ... Howling Mad' Murdock

Mr. T ... B.A. Baracus


The script itself measures 8.5" x 11", 3 hole punched and includes the Hollywood standard double brass plated fasteners to secure it together. The script is placed in a plastic bag with a cardboard back to ensure safe delivery. As with any script, there may be some slight differences between the script and what is shown on screen; this is absolutely normal. We will always try to make sure you get the latest draft available.


The A-Team is an American action-adventure television series, running from 1983 to 1987, about a fictional group of ex–United States Army Special Forces personnel who work as soldiers of fortune, while on the run from the Army after being branded as war criminals for a "crime they didn't commit". A feature filmbased on the series was released by 20th Century Fox on June 11, 2010. A comic book series, A-Team: Shotgun Wedding, began March
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