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Before you leave feedback, please give me the opportunity to correct any problems you may have with your item. Given the chance, I have ALWAYS been able to fix a problem, but if I don't know about it, I can't fix it!


1-3/4"; Very Good; Original Campaign Item; Cello Button; Not a pinback - reverse is a mirror; watch fob attached PLEASE NOTE: I do not end auctions early , nor do I provide a "Buy It Now" price upon request. Once I list an item I leave it at auction until the auction concludes.

I ship within about 3-7 business days of receiving payment, usually much quicker.

POSTAGE QUOTED IS EXACT USPS SHIPPING PRICE PLUS .45c for appropriate and new packaging material.

Feedback is left at the conclusion of the transaction. I request the opportunity to correct any problems in the item or in shipping, mistakes do happen. I have left feedback for 100% of the auctions I have been involved in since I started on Ebay in 1996.

Paperworks in Austin, Texas has been buying and selling popular culture items for over 30 years. I love dealing in books, records, comic books, old magazines and paper items. I buy accumulations, collections and individual items in the Texas area and in adjoining states. I list 50
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